Our charcuterie products are made using high quality, ethically and locally sourced, free range meat and ingredients in re-usable glass pots. Use our range on your cheese platters, canapés, as a light meal or an entree.
Best Enjoyed with extraordinary friends for a memorable experience.



Chicken Pâté w Port Jelly
Duck Pâté w Beet Jelly
Mushroom Pâté w Thyme infused butter (V)

Smooth and delicate is our signature. Livers carefully blended and baked with our combination of fresh herbs and spices to create an elegant style pâté with a velvety texture. Enjoy them straight from our reusable glass pots on a board with your favourite cheeses, pickles, fresh sourdough and glass of vino among friends.

Chicken and Duck – Ethically sourced livers, blended and baked with our blend of fresh herbs, delicate in texture and sealed with a distinct jelly – fantastic with your favourite sourdough.

Mushroom – For those who prefer their food to come out of the ground rather than run across it, locally grown Swiss Brown mushrooms blended and baked with fresh herbs and sealed with thyme butter – Kate’s favourite with toast and eggs.


(ree-yet) try and roll your tongue like the French do

Duck Rillettes
Pork Rillettes

A three day hands on process to create these little pots of absolute gold!
Using traditional French methods the meat is Salt cured overnight, patiently confit for 12 hours, hand shredded & hand potted with our blend of fresh herbs and spices. Perfectly French, very moreish – enjoy naked on fresh, warm, crusty bread.


Duck, Pork & Fig Terrine
Pork, Walnut & Verjus Terrine

Minced, hand mixed & pressed with our blend of local figs or Walnut & verjus – Easy to serve, open pack and place on a wooden board compliment with quality mustard, cornichons and fresh baguette or warm brioche. Perfect Entree or light meal. Take me on your next picnic.

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