Little Yarns: Tom Bradman, Nomad Farms, Finniss SA

Tell us what you do at Nomad Farms.

At Nomad Farms we try to turn healthy soil into healthy people, and provide for our family and community along the way. We turn pasture into beef and hogget, and we source local grain to raise meat chickens who live outside and move onto a fresh pasture every day.

What is the difference between pasture-raised chickens like Nomad Farm and free range chickens?

Free range generally means large permanent sheds with access to a similar sized outdoor area which some of the birds will venture out to. Unfortunately in some respect these systems can be quite similar to standard shed raised birds.

Pasture raised to us means living on pasture 24/7 and moving regularly onto fresh pasture that hasn’t seen chickens for 6-12 months. In the case of our Cobb meat birds, this means living in small groups of 70 birds in shelters which are moved every morning onto fresh ground. This keeps them healthy, stimulated, fed on fresh grass and bugs, and is exceptionally beneficial to the landscape.

What does Nomadic mean when it comes to raising chickens?

It’s all about movement with all of our animals. Nature never puts animals in one spot for long. That gives you a clue!

What do you love about your job? 

Being connected with so much life within an abundant natural system is the greatest part of life. We’re lucky enough to call this work, and while there are loads of late, dirty, cold, wet, hot, sweaty, smelly hours and days, it’s worth it just to be fully plugged into nature in all her glory.

Where can our customers find your products?

Great restaurants, selected supermarkets and butchers, and Willunga and Adelaide Farmers Markets. Full list at

What keeps you busy outside of farming?

3 daughters under 5, a few little caravaning and beach missions with the family, and a bit of extra farming on the side.

What is your favourite Little Acre product? 

Terrine. Amazing. If no one is looking I can put a slice of it away in about three bites.

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